Accounting Treatment of Inward Supplies

Dear Friends, please find below the accouting treatment for inward supplies under GST 6(a) Accounting Treatment of Inward Supplies under GST “Inward supply” in relation to a person, shall mean receipt of goods or services or both whether by purchase, acquisition or any other means with or without consideration- Section 2(67) of the CGST Act. […]

FAQs on form GSTR 9-Annual Return under GST Law

Q1. What is Legal provision for filling GST Annual Return? Ans. Legal requirement of filing Annual return hereafter called GSTR-9 is governed by section 35(5) and section 44(1) of CGST Act. Section 44(1) of CGST Act read with Rule 80(1) of CGST Rules requires that every Registered person other than – an Input Service Distributor, […]