We offer a wide range of services in domestic taxation (direct & indirect) and international taxation. We aim to add and create value ensuring that the best business practices are followed.

Direct Taxation: Domestic

• Individual/corporate Income Tax planning and return filing
• TDS Returns
• Representations & Litigation Support including assessments & appeals
• Direct Tax Planning & Advisory
• Tax Due Diligence
• Transaction Structuring
• Statutory Compliances including under Income Tax and Wealth Tax

Direct Taxation: International

• DTAA advise on cross-border investment & transaction structuring
• NRI Tax return filing including applying for PAN no.
• Representations & Litigation Support
• International Tax Planning & Advisory
• Expatriate Tax Advisory & Compliance services
• Statutory Compliances

Indirect Taxation: Domestic

• Identifying Key Impact Areas of GST implementation by reviewing current systems, documentation and processes
• GST advisory to Client to ensure the smooth transition
• Post Implementation advice and ensuring compliance support for GST
• Planning and Advisory of Indirect Tax (especially Service Tax)
• Review of Service Tax Compliance & Due Diligence
• Support in Representation & Litigation for Service Tax

How a CA in Gurgaon for tax filing is important for your business

The tax filing is an important act every business needs to do it on time. It is a responsibility of a businessman towards the government. Income Tax is a very important part of your business that aids you to keep your nose clean. registering your business as a recognized name and filing income tax is very necessary to keep a credit history excellent. You can enjoy a lot of privileges if you file your tax on time.

Hiring a CA in Gurgaon for tax filing

A CA can be of immense help regarding tax filing. For smaller enterprises, the same act can be done without any hassle but when the tax filing is complex with the inclusion of various factors and multiple transactions, a professional touch is necessary. To make sure that the filing venture will be proper, you can always hire a CA in Gurgaon for tax filing. By hiring one, you can easily avail the following benefits.

  • Proper auditing
  • The first and foremost thing a medium or large scale business needs is auditing. By the proper action of auditing, the business will be able to know the pros and cons of all the resources prominently in terms of finance. On the other hand, the firm will also help to file tax properly by following standard procedure set by the government. The standardized approach adopted by the CA firm will ensure that all the points are covered. The business transactions will become clearly visible to the owner. The profit and loss statements will ensure that the business can become more efficient in the upcoming days.
  • Challengingp
  • The professional CA will put an immense effort into auditing to evaluate the strength of internal financial controls. In short, the professional is trained and certified to challenge the assumptions by conducting proven tests. The results are reported to the owners and a better strategy is undertaken to make the business more fortified.

    Benefits of filing tax via income tax consultant in Gurgaon

    If you file your tax with the aid of an income tax consultant in Gurgaon, your credit score will remain proper. You will be able to find the financial gaps and faulty spaces in your business. you can also apply for loans for a financial support. The losses will be carry forwarded so that you can bridge the gap next year. Getting an estimation of the contemporary business situation will be easier when a CA is hired. Get yours done now by hiring a professional chartered accountant.

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